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Programs Under Development

Operations and Maintenance Advanced (Trade Specific)

Operations and Maintenance Advanced, which is scheduled to launch when Phase II construction of the high-containment training facility is completed, will consist of a series of specialized courses for skilled trades staff with responsibilities inside and outside of biocontainment. The prerequisite will be the operations and maintenance intermediate one-week course. Operations and Maintenance Advanced courses will be two- or three-day practical training courses focusing on the unique job responsibilities for HVAC mechanics, plumbers, electricians, building systems and security personnel in a fully functional mock BSL-3 laboratory. This course will be taught at UC Irvine’s high-containment training facility.

Animal Care Technicians, Vivarium Managers and Specialists

Customizable courses for researchers and animal care personnel working in BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratories.  Courses are a mix of didactic and practical training covering all aspects of working in small-animal high containment facilities with specialized caging and husbandry equipment. The courses are expected to be co-sponsored by American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS).

BSL-3 Design for Architects, Engineers, Lab Planners

BSL-3 Design will consist of a series of specialized courses to provide architects, engineers, and lab planners with the required knowledge to design and build/retrofit BSL-3 facilities.  The course will focus on key BSL-3 mechanical and engineering components.  In addition, laboratory commissioning and validation (via the ANSI Z9.14 Standard) will be discussed.

Other Courses

Emergency management for high containment laboratories; MS program for BSL-3 management; MS program for high-containment mechanical engineering and design; graduate course for infectious disease research in BSL-3; undergraduate course for introduction to BSL-3 laboratories and infectious disease research.