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About Graduate Studies

The School of Medicine at UC Irvine is an active community of diverse scholars dedicated to excellence in original research, teaching, creative expression and intellectual leadership. Through our advanced degrees, and using our extensive resources and talents, we cultivate individuals who work together to bring knowledge, innovation and best practices to meet the great and small challenges of our modern-day world.

Our classes and research opportunities are with award-winning faculty who are active in their respective academic, clinical and research fields and are dedicated to your success.

Our Mission

The Office of Graduate Studies, through our goals of exceptional service and our commitment to the highest standards, is an advocate for graduate education in the School of Medicine, on the UC Irvine campus and throughout the state of California. Through our mission and administrative oversight of the medical school’s PhD and MS degree programs, we provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Enhancing the quality of graduate student life;
  • Student financial support;
  • Graduate student advocacy and advice;
  • Retention programs;
  • Development and oversight of graduate degree programs;
  • Interpretation and application of policies and common standards of high quality in graduate programs across the school;
  • Collaboration with the central campus’ Graduate Division;
  • Diversity outreach and recruitment; and graduate admissions. We are committed to a diverse campus climate, enhancement of the graduate experience, and the development of all students as global citizens.

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Diverse Programs Available

Whether you have just completed an undergraduate degree, a master’s degree or hold a doctorate degree, if you are ready to advance your career to the next level, UC Irvine’s School of Medicine offers a diversity of exceptional PhD and MS degree programs, ranging from coursework and research in the basic sciences to applied biomedical and translational science curriculums.

As a professional with an advanced degree, you will have an edge in the increasingly competitive global marketplace.