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Other Degree Programs


Various disciplines within the School of Medicine educate and train their doctoral students by first admitting students to one of four interdisciplinary programs (IDP) intended to provide the first year curriculum necessary prior to a  student choosing their faculty advisor and transferring  to a new 'home' department during their second year where they remain for their subsequent years of doctoral studies and research.  Known as gateway programs, these programs are one-year interdisciplinary programs administered through a participating academic unit.  There are presently four organized gateway programs on the UC Irvine campus as follows:


 • Cellular & Molecular Biosciences (CMB)            • Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program (INP)

 • Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)       • Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology (MCP)


Each of these four interdisciplinary programs independently manage student outreach and administratively coordinate the application, committee review and admission process within their respective academic disciplines.  Prospective applicants must apply directly to one of these four IDPs who will then manage their admissions process directly.  Similarly,  prospective students should contact their particular IDP for any program information or other inquiries. These IDPs provide the first-year curriculum for doctoral students who, upon completion, will transfer into a specialized PhD program of their choice within the School of Medicine.