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Zane Normal Surfing

2019 Behrens Award Recipient Persists in Innovative Cancer Studies

Zane Norman has always been fascinated by nature. That fascination led him into the ocean at an early age. It also inspired a passion for research that, today, has him immersed in a search for new treatments to improve the lives of people diagnosed with cancer.

Jessica Flesher

Seeing Black and White Represents Research Progress for Gazzaniga Award Recipient

Where some see black and white, Jessica Flesher sees nuanced biological differences that may affect susceptibility to skin cancer.

Gianna Fote

So many questions, never enough time for Carlin scholar

 Gianna Fote had always considered water polo a hobby. She played in high school, then continued with the sport on club teams during her undergraduate years at Yale and as an MD/PhD student in the UCI School of Medicine

Autumn Holmes, graduate student in the UCI School of Medicine’s Department of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics

Carlin Award recipient's passion for science is nothing to sneeze at

Autumn Holmes' studies could add to the body of knowledge on RNA virus-host interactions and one day may contribute to development of targeted anti-viral drugs to combat diseases caused by the large family of picornaviruses involved in the common cold.

nabila haque

Search for answers brings honors to graduate student

Nabila Haque sought a way to combine her love for research with her passion for clinical care. She found it.

amber habowski

Behrens award recipient explores colon cancer inside mini-guts

Amber Habowski, a fourth-year doctoral student, serves as program coordinator for the UC Irvine Cancer Research Institute’s Youth Science Fellowship Program for Orange County high school students, judges entries at district and regional student science fairs, and still finds time for a competitive game of soccer.

Dr. Lorna Carlin stands with UC Irvine School of Medicine student researchers.

Psychiatrist establishes fellowship for brain research

Retired psychiatrist Dr. Lorna Carlin became so interested in medical student research applications she decided to create her own fellowship award.

Shae and Alan Gazzaniga, MD, at UC Irvine, where they have created a fund to support graduate student biomedical research.

Couple funds graduate student research at UC Irvine School of Medicine

Dr. Alan Gazzaniga, former head of cardiac surgery at UC Irvine Medical Center, and his wife, Shae, are supporting the biomedical researchers of tomorrow.

UC Irvine biological chemistry graduate student Rolando Ruiz-Vega is the first recipient of the Stanley Behrens Fellow in Medicine.

Philanthropist establishes scholarship for promising young researchers

Philanthropist Stanley Behrens launches the first School of Medicine basic science research fellowship program.


Biological chemistry doctoral student Hyun-Ik Jun works in the laboratory.

Regulating cancer cells

Doctoral candidate Hyun-Ik Jun, recipient of the 2015 UC Irvine School of Medicine Outstanding Student Fellowship Award, studies the mechanisms of cancer cell growth.

Graduate student Rolando Ruiz-Vega won the 2015 student research award for his work trying to understand the genetic pathways of melanoma. .

Seeking an 'off switch' for melanoma

UC Irvine biological chemistry doctoral student Rolando Ruiz-Vega, one of two winners of the first School of Medicine Outstanding Student Fellowship award, talks about his research and passion for science.

Biochemist Bogi Andersen in his research lab at UC Irvine

UC Irvine study finds body clock protects metabolic health

Body-clock rhythms protect cells from metabolism-generated oxygen radical damage, UC Irvine study shows.

UC Irvine neurologist and multiple sclerosis expert Dr. Michael Demetriou.

UC Irvine researchers identify key immune system process

UC Irvine researchers identify a key process in immune system development, shedding light on how the body’s ability to fight infection develops.

UC Irvine Health pediatric genetics professor Dr. Virginia Kimonis

Making rare diseases their common cause

UC Irvine researchers are dedicated to finding genetic clues, giving new hope to families.

Sharine Wittkopp is a UC Irvine doctoral student

Coming up for air

Sharine Wittkopp, a UC Irvine doctoral student in environmental toxicology, has been recognized with the Stanley Behrens Public Impact Fellowship for her work on genetic expression associations with air pollution. Her particular specialty focuses on how the genes we inherit might change the way our bodies respond to the pollution in the air we breathe.

UC Irvine grad student Ryan Schutte

Seeking the source of seizures

UC Irvine grad student Ryan Schutte’s epilepsy research has earned him a Public Impact Fellowship

Mending a broken heart

Mending a broken heart

UC Irvine PhD candidate Aaron Chen wins Public Impact Fellowship for cardiac patch research

Drs. Matheu and Cahalan

Circumventing autoimmunity

Immunology researchers Dr. Michael Cahalan (r) and Dr. Melanie Matheu (l), formerly a UC Irvine graduate student researcher in Dr. Cahalan's laboratory, are authors of the study.

Wildfire smoke causes spike in hospitalizations

Asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory illnesses climb with pollution exposure

Southern California freeway traffic

Traffic's true toll

UC Irvine medical researchers use Southern California's crowded freeways to explore the health effects of vehicle exhaust

Janice Chang

Sounds of silence

Public Impact Fellowship recipient Janice Chang hopes electronic stimulation therapy can relieve tinnitus