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About the Office of Research

The Office of Research, under the leadership of Suzanne Sandmeyer, PhD, vice dean for research at UC Irvine School of Medicine, is dedicated to promoting world-class research.

Among our goals:

  • We support and promote basic, clinical, and translational investigation in the School of Medicine
  • We are dedicated to developing biomedical discoveries and innovations to improve health and the lives of millions.

Research highlights

UC Irvine Health researchers have received more than $150 million in funding in 2010-11, nearly half of the university’s total. Many biomedical technologies and therapies used to improve the nation's healthcare were developed by UC Irvine researchers.

Among the highlights of UC Irvine research programs are:

  • Distinguished researcher-in-residence Irwin A. Rose received the 2004 Nobel Prize in chemistry. Rose, who shared the prize with Aaron Ciechanover and Avram Hershko of the Israel Institute of Technology, was honored for their discovery of the major pathway through which cellular building blocks, called ubiquitin proteins, are regulated by degradation.
  • UC Irvine is one of only eight institutions nationwide to be named part of the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Genetics Network, examining the complex interactions between genes and cancer. The NCI also chose the UC Irvine Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center as one of six in the nation to conduct studies on promising new cancer prevention drugs.

Faculty honors

Among the prestigious honors our faculty members have received are:

  • Election to the National Academy of Sciences for their distinguished and continuing achievements in original research: Anthony James, William H. Daughaday, Irwin A. Rose and Michael D. Cahalan.