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This digitally colorized image by a scanning electron microscope shows a cell vacuole in which Coxiella burnetii, the bacteria that cause Q fever, are proliferating.

Infectious disease team gets $8 million to develop Q fever vaccine

UC Irvine infectious disease team gets $8 million to develop Q fever vaccine. The federally supported effort is aimed at mitigating bioterrorism threat.

Theo van Erp, assistant professor in psychiatry and human behavior at UC Irvine

Researchers identify brain abnormalities in people with schizophrenia

Dr. Theo van Erp co-chairs a team of scientists that identify brain abnormalities in people with schizophrenia.

Dr. Henry Klassen, ophthalmologist and stem-cell researcher with the UC Irvine Health Gavin Herbert Eye Institute

FDA greenlights UC Irvine clinical trial of treatment for blinding disease

A first-of-its-kind stem cell-based treatment for retinitis pigmentosa developed by UC Irvine’s Dr. Henry Klassen, Dr. Jing Yang and colleagues has received consent from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for use in a clinical trial.

Alvin Viray

Patents pending

UC Irvine licensing officers help campus researchers protect their inventions

UC Irvine medical students sitting in preschool chairs

Taking research to the community

Orange County Center for Community Health Research  facilitates collective effort to address area healthcare issues

Frank LaFerla and Mathew Blurton-Jones

Neural stem cells offer potential treatment for Alzheimer's disease

Transplanted neural stem cells 'nurse' brain back to health