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Calendars and Deadlines

  • 2018-19 Academic Personnel File Deadlines
    NOV 1, 2018  - Postponement of Tenure Review
    DEC 1, 2018  - Merits (including one-year accelerations), Merits (acceleration of two or more years), 
                            No Change, Reappointments, Midcareer Appraisals
    JAN 2, 2019  - Fifth Year Reviews, Advancements to Professor VI
    FEB 1, 2019  - Promotions, Non-Reappointments, Above Scale actions
    MAR 1, 2019  Merit (Dean Delegated), All other actions (including Non-Senate actions) 

  • 2018-19 School of Medicine Dean's Office File Deadlines
    OCT 8, 2018 - Postponement of Tenure Review Files, Merits (including one-year accelerations), 
                            Accelerated Merits (of two years or more), Advancement to Professor Step VI, 
                            No Change, Reappointments, Midcareer Appraisals, Fifth Year Reviews
    DEC 3, 2018 - Promotions, Non-reappointments, Above Scale actions, Merit (Dean Delegated), All other actions
                            (including non-Senate actions)