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Mission Statement

Our mission in the Office of Graduate Studies is to:

  • Provide central administrative services that help sustain and improve the quality of graduate education.
  • Encourage timely completion of graduate degrees by monitoring student degree progress, encouraging faculty advising and mentoring, and ensuring fair and equitable treatment of all students.
  • Protect the general welfare of our graduate students in all areas of concern, including, but not limited to, financial support, apprentice personnel conditions, intellectual property, equal opportunity and sexual harassment.
  • Enhance access, representation, and the educational experience of underrepresented students in order to achieve the University's diversity objectives.
  • Facilitate communication among our departments and campus-wide administrative offices to ensure that the academic policies established by the UC Irvine Academic Senate’s Graduate Council and the School of Medicine are implemented through efficient and rational administrative procedures.
  • Articulate the views, needs, and priorities of graduate education within the context of general policy and budget development to ensure that academic goals properly inform school-wide decision making.
  • Facilitate programmatic activities which help develop and promote academic quality through strategic planning, policy development, and effective resource allocation.
  • Administer appropriate regulatory activities designed to ensure campus-wide and UC system-wide accountability aimed at ensuring academic quality standards and other institutional policies and regulations related to graduate students.