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Health Sciences Human Resources Staff

Michelle Quint
Executive Director
Phone: 949-824-9083, 714-456-7813
Email: mquint@uci.edu

Kristie Heck
Specialized Services
Phone: 714-456-3646
Email: kheck@uci.edu

Lisa Scavone
Organizational Services
Phone: 949-824-5081
Email: lscavone@uci.edu

Shraddha Patel
Talent Acquisition Consultant
Phone: 949-824-0367
Email: shraddhp@uci.edu

Chris Crilly
Compensation & Classification Consultant
Phone: 714-456-3675
Email: ccrilly@uci.edu

Jen Oo
Talent Acquisition Consultant
Phone: 714-456-5683
Email: jshope@uci.edu

Rawand Baki
HR Consultant
Phone: 949-824-2793
Email: bakir@uci.edu

Ann Guevara
HR Consultant
Phone: 949-824-1449
Email: amguevar@uci.edu

Gretheel Olvera
Compliance & Worklife Consultant
Phone: 949-824-5854
Email: olverag@uci.edu

Rowena Timoteo
Compensation Analyst
Phone: 714-456-7854
Email: rtimoteo@uci.edu

Christine Lazok-Torres
Benefits & Leave Consultant
Phone: 714-456-6615
Email: clazok@uci.edu

Ozge Can
Benefits & Leave Consultant
Phone: 949-824-2565
Email: ocan@uci.edu

Michael Lemmon
Talent Analyst
Phone: 714-456-6487
Email: lemmonm@uci.edu

Ajay Sanathara
Talent Analyst
Phone: 949-824-0691
Email: asanatha@uci.edu

Hana Fisher
Human Resources Coordinator
Phone: 714-456-3742
Email: hfisher@uci.edu

Fern Costales
Human Resources Coordinator
Phone: 949-824-6751
Email: fcostale@uci.edu

Elizabeth (Liz) Schofield
Human Resources Coordinator
Phone: 949-824-0697
Email: eschofie@uci.edu

Anjané Rodgers
Senior Training and Development Consultant
Phone: 949-824-0313
Email: anjaner@uci.edu

Christina Burns
Training and Development Analyst
Phone: 949-824-1917
Email: burnscp@uci.edu

Laura Beesley-Jablonski
Principal Compensation Analyst
Phone: 949-824-8533
Email: lbeesley@uci.edu

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