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Training and Development

The Training and Development team within the UC Irvine School of Medicine's Human Resources unit designs, develops and offers a variety of developmental and enrichment training opportunities for all School of Medicine employees.

By providing access to staff development courses designed to promote career growth, the training and development team contributes directly to the well-being and success of our employees, as well as to the mission of the university.

Discover the many opportunities — classes and workshops, career programs, management development training, University of California institutes and certificate programs — that are available to you, our most important asset.

Our Services »

Our training and development services are intended to:

  • Provide staff development courses designed to help employees enhance their contributions to meet the university's goals
  • Provide opportunities for career growth
  • Assist employees in performing current and emerging position responsibilities effectively

We also are responsible for:

  • Conducting organizational training assessments and developing action plans
  • Facilitating departmental and team training
  • Facilitating assessments for personal and team development
  • Designing and delivering customized training for the organization and departmental units

To enroll in classes, please visit the UC Learning Center ›

Enrolling in Classes »

Enrollment in classes offered by the School of Medicine Training and Development team is done online through the University of California Learning Center (UCLC), a web-based learning management system used by all campuses within the UC system. Course offerings are tailored to specific campus locations, including UC Irvine.

The UC learning center allows you to:

  • Register for courses online and receive automatic notification of enrollment
  • Track your course registrations and completed courses
  • Self-identify required safety training for campus-based employees
  • Complete e-learning courses online
  • View and print transcripts and course completion certificates
  • Explore class offerings
  • Add self-reported accomplishments to your transcript

Extensive e-learning options are also available to meet your training requirements whenever the need arises.

Logging into the UC Learning Center »

To access the UC learning center website, you will need to login with your UC Irvine NetID and password.

Once you have logged on, you have access to courses that have been assigned to you.

You may also search the site's catalog for additional courses of interest.

Required Assigned Training »

All employees are required to complete the following courses annually:

  • Annual training and/or Safety Training Self-Assessment
    The Joint Commission, the state of California, the Department of Public Health and UC Irvine Health have identified topics that can significantly impact personal, patient and environmental safety. Topics covered in annual safety training include safety management, environmental and hazardous materials management, fire prevention, emergency management, security management, magnetic resonance imaging safety, utility systems management, ergonomics, and infection prevention and control.
  • Privacy and Security Training
    Training in protecting patient health information and privacy helps employees understand their roles and responsibilities. State privacy laws, as well as HIPAA, require employees to understand the importance of and consequences for not complying with these laws, resulting in possible fines for breaches of patient medical information.
  • Health Compliance Program Training
    With passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, Congress for the first time mandated that a broad range of providers, suppliers and physicians adopt a compliance and ethics program.
    • Ethics Policy — To comply with federal, state and UC mandates, the Compliance Office must provide guidance to all UC Irvine Health (School of Medicine and medical center) faculty and staff members on our ethical values and our standards for conducting ourselves in our research, teaching and patient-care missions, and on preventing fraud, waste and abuse.
    • Whistleblower Protection — We are also required to inform faculty and staff members of their right to be protected as whistleblowers as well inform them of UC’s policies and procedures for detecting fraud, waste and abuse.
  • Healthcare Vendor Relationship Policy — All UC employees are subject to conflict-of-interest provisions in the Political Reform Act and to UC policies delineated in Business and Finance Bulletin G-39 (Conflict of Interest Policy). The UC Healthcare Vendor Policy was adopted systemwide in July 2008 and it applies to all UC Health Sciences programs and campuses, as well as to all healthcare individuals defined as members of the UC community who work, train or are students at healthcare locations or in health professional schools.

Every two years, some employees are required to take the following courses:

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention (supervisors and managers only)
    The sexual harassment prevention course provides supervisory staff with information to recognize and deter sexual harassment in the workplace and to provide strategies for handling complaints. This includes:
    • The legal definition of sexual harassment and behaviors that may constitute it
    • The detrimental effects of sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation on employees and the university
    • The role and liability of the supervisor in enforcing UC Irvine policy on sexual harassment, nondiscrimination and retaliation
    • Techniques to prevent sexual harassment and to effectively handle complaints
    • UC Irvine resources that provide support and consultation.
  • Ethics
    Designated UC Irvine employees are required to complete the "Conflict of Interest Briefing for Designated Officials" every two years. The briefing, which takes about an hour to complete, is designed to help employees recognize and deal with conflict-of-interest situations that may arise within the scope of their employment.

    This orientation is given to all designated officials, employees whose positions are listed in the university's conflict of interest code and who are required to file Statements of Economic Interest, Form 700.
Affiliate Accounts »

The UC Learning Center was created by the University of California Office of the President for all UC campuses and locations to use as a centralized system for training and to record the completion of the instruction.

By default, the UC Learning Center includes only employee user data that is refreshed nightly by the Payroll Personnel System (PPS).

Individual UC Irvine students, volunteers and other campus affiliates who are not employees but have a UCInetID may request access to the UC Learning Center as affiliates. Once completed, the affiliate process establishes a user record so that the requester can access, enroll and complete courses that are recorded in the system.

Granting access can take 24 to 48 hours. Because students often are not allowed into labs until they have completed their required training, they should complete the affiliate form as soon as possible to allow themselves enough time to be granted access and complete training.

To request an affiliate account:

  • An individual must have an activated UC Irvine netID and password.
  • Next, visit the campus UC Learning Center site at
  • In the “Student & Affiliate Access” section (bottom left), click on “Student & Affiliate Access Request Form.”
    • If you are also a UC Irvine employee, you may already have access, in which case you will be directed into the system.
    • If not, complete the required form. On completion, you'll be informed when you can access the system (typically 24-48 hours).
  • Once you have access, go to the UC Learning Center and click "LOGIN."
  • Once you enter the system, you may register for courses you have been asked to complete. If you have been asked to complete the Safety Training Self-assessment, click on “Safety Training Self-Assessment” in the lower left navigation bar.

Here are affiliate access request forms for the following categories:

System Requirements »
e-Course Request Form »

Need a training solution for your department? Our School of Medicine learning specialist can help.

The following request form is designed to initiate the request process for an online course. This and all other questions regarding course design and development should be sent to

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