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UC Irvine to use digital pathology imaging to train medical students

Durham, NC and Irvine, Calif., Sept 15, 2015 — UC Irvine School of Medicine has agreed to use web-based, digital whole-slide imaging developed by MAggPI to teach its medical students. In this collaboration, diagnostic-quality, expert-curated digital images of normal and diseased tissue will be incorporated for the first time in the teaching of histology and pathology.

MaggPI develops platform-independent, cloud-based methods of storing, easily viewing and annotating digital whole-slide images to improve healthcare and pathology education. The Durham-based nonprofit corporation is building a "Massive Aggregation of Pathology Information" archive to expand access to pathology in underserved areas and to improve and enhance primary and continuing medical education. 

This technology will further expand UC Irvine School of Medicine's iMedEd initiative, an innovative digital-based educational platform used in classroom and clinical training. The MAggPI technology is expected to promote student learning and collaboration, as well as result in improved understanding of the pathologic diagnosis of disease.

"UC Irvine School of Medicine has pioneered the use of new technologies in the classroom and clinical settings," said Anjen Chenn, MD, PhD, founder and CEO of MAggPI. "Their students and faculty have developed novel technologies to improve healthcare and medical education worldwide. We believe this arrangement is the first to utilize annotatable diagnostic-quality whole-slide digital images in medical school teaching of histology and pathology."

"The ability to view and annotate high-quality, whole-slide images of normal and abnormal tissues will greatly facilitate the interactive teaching of histology and pathology," said Robert Edwards, MD, PhD, associate professor of Pathology and vice chair for academic affairs, and chairman of the medical school's Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee. "The MAggPI platform will enable our students to access these resources 24/7 and get input from other students and faculty."

About MAggPI

MAggPI, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation that develops and supports open-source digital technology to improve healthcare and medical education throughout the world.  Pathologists are essential for the accurate diagnosis of many diseases, but training of pathologists requires access to high quality teachers and curated case materials.  To address challenges in pathologic diagnosis of disease, MAggPI provides long-distance teaching materials and a growing collection of pathologist-curated digital images, the Massive Aggregation of Pathology Information, accessible freely through the web. For more information, visit or email

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