School of Medicine

Training Grants

The SOM Office of Research appreciates the time commitment of faculty in preparing and directing training grants. Training grant programs play a key role not only in supporting our PhD students and postdoctoral fellows, but also in increasing our ability to compete for the best among them.

The SOM Research Development Unit (RDU) can provide assistance in the data table compilation in the following ways when submitting your NIH T32 application.

  • Graduate Division data request
  • Request data from the proposed training grant’s faculty members and advise as needed
  • Collect data from various other data sources
  • Review and compile final data tables

It is strongly recommended that application preparation begin at least nine months in advance of the application due date.

If SOM RDU support is needed, email at least six months in advance of the due date with the finalized list of faculty members who will be involved in the proposed training grant.

Here are all of UCI’s active NIH T32’s

Incentive Programs

To recognize the contributions of faculty training grant directors, the SOM Office of Research has established the following incentives for first-time submissions of new or competing renewal applications:

  • For proposals submitted after August 1, 2019, lead Principal Investigators will receive a one-time allocation of $5,000 unrestricted funds.
    • Only training grant proposals for which a one-page pre-proposal summary (including a list of participating faculty mentors) is submitted and approved by the SOM Office of Research will be considered for this incentive. To submit your pre-proposal, please complete the Training Grant Incentive Program form at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance of the sponsor’s deadline to ensure adequate time for Dean’s office review/ approval.
  • Should first-time new or competing renewal applications be funded, lead PIs will receive an additional one-time allocation of $10,000 unrestricted funds. Awarded training grants submitted prior to August 1, 2019 are also eligible for this incentive. To obtain the “funded” incentive payment, please complete the Training Grant Incentive Program form.
  • Training grants may be assembled as a collaborative effort and even administered by co-directors. In such cases, the SOM incentive should be shared based on the relative contributions of the co-directors. It is helpful if this is agreed upon in advance by the applicants. In cases where directorship is shared between faculty from different schools, the SOM incentive program will only cover the designated proportion of the SOM faculty member.
  • Additional incentives may be available from the UCI Graduate Division. These include 25% of student support of grant expenditures (stipends, tuition/fees only). Certain types of information must be provided in this pre-application and submitted five weeks before the SPA due date.


  • UCI Graduate Division has an abundance of resources here, including boilerplates, successful training grant applications, the data request process, their incentive program, the list of active UCI training grants, and more.