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APR 21Minorities Receive Less Timely Dementia Diagnoses Than Whites


APR 15UCI team develops smartphone application for coronavirus contact tracing
APR 10Coronavirus diaries are helping people cope. They’re also a research gold mine
MAR 27Stem Cell Agency Board Approves $5 Million in Emergency Funding for COVID-19 Research
MAR 12Professor Philip Kiser was awarded the 2020 Pisart Award in Vision Science given by the Lighthouse Guild
JAN 24UCI researchers identify a connection between early life adversity and opioid addiction
JAN 7UCI team of researchers assess the psychological and physiological effects of augmented reality; Medical students participate in computer-based simulation that adds digital elements to a live view


NOV 22UCI-led study reveals how consuming alcohol affects the circadian rhythm of the liver leading to disease; Targeting the liver's circadian rhythm may lead to new treatments for alcoholic liver disease
NOV 14Researchers develop cell therapy to improve memory and stop seizures in mice following traumatic brain injury; Transplanting new inhibitory neurons may repair damaged brain circuits
NOV 7UCI-led study reveals non-image light sensing mechanism of circadian neurons in fruit flies; Researchers reveal the role of blue and ultra violet light and how they affect central brain neurons
OCT 24NIH establishes Cooperative Research Center with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and two University of California campuses, Irvine and Davis
OCT 21UCI vision scientist Krzysztof Palczewski elected to National Academy of Medicine
OCT 15UCI professor named to CDC committee on sexually transmitted infections
OCT 7UCI researcher receives 2019 NIH Director’s New Innovator Award to study learning and memory
SEPT 30New UCI study explains the molecular mechanism of botanical folk medicines used to treat hypertension; Lavender, fennel and chamomile among herbs discovered to act upon a shared therapeutic target in blood vessels
SEPT 26UCI School of Medicine researchers lead an international team for $4.3M NIH BRAIN Initiative award for new brain mapping tool
SEPT 23UCI study reveals critical role of new brain circuits in improving learning and memory for Alzheimer’s disease treatment
AUG 6UCI receives record $441 million in research funding for fiscal 2018-19
JUL 24Mouse, not just tick: New genome heralds change in Lyme disease fight; UCI-led study points toward new ways to prevent disease transmission
JUL 22New study explains the molecular mechanism for the therapeutic effects of cilantro
JUL 15New UCI-led study uncovers weakness in C. diff toxin; Discovery may lead to new therapeutics and vaccines aimed at fighting the deadly disease
JUL 10UCI child neurologist Dr. Tallie Z. Baram is awarded $15 million Conte Center grant
JUL 8UCI team pioneers cancer treatment that targets bone metastases while sparing bone
JUL 1UCI researchers to join national effort to build atlas of human breast cells
JUN 27Researchers discover new way to discriminate between mutations responsible for promoting cancer growth and those that are not
MAY 30UCI research helps shed new light on circadian clocks
May 22New study shows crowdsourced traffic data could save lives App-users post crash alerts minutes before they are reported to CHP
MAY 13Study touts new method to reduce cognitive side effects of brain cancer radiation treatment
APR 22UCI to establish skin biology, diseases resource center with $4 million NIH award
MAR 27Upfront Combo Shows Improved OS in Metastatic Breast Cancer
FEB 28UCI researcher awarded nearly $4 million for studies related to neurological disorders including epilepsy
FEB 13Cleaning Routine Shows Promise in Curbing Superbug Infection
FEB 4CIRM approves $6 million in funding for UCI Researchers to study new treatment for Huntington’s disease
JAN 24UCI-led study reveals that when it comes to brain connectivity, cell location matters most
JAN 14UCI-led study reveals how fasting can improve overall health and protect against aging-associated diseases


NOV 28Stephen White, professor emeritus of physiology & biophysics, is one of seven UCI faculty named fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
NOV 05UCI researchers uncover evidence of restored vision in rats following cell transplant
OCT 18Scientists uncover how rare gene mutation affects brain development and memory; Results suggest path toward precision therapies for neurodevelopmental disorders
OCT 11UCI-led study reveals that cells involved in allergies also play a key role in survival; Mast cells function to sustain brain and muscle during fasting or intense exercise
OCT 10UCI researchers discover molecular mechanisms of ancient herbal remedies; Components of leaf extract prove highly effective at preventing life-threatening seizures.
OCT 02UCI neuroscientist Medha Pathak, PhD, receives NIH Director's New Innovator Award for research on the mechanics of human neural development.
SEP 06A study led by UCI's Paolo Sassone-Corsi, PhD, reveals communication among organs and tissues that regulate the body’s energy.
SEP 06A UCI study led by neuroscientist Lisa Flanagan, PhD, has identified properties in neural stem cells that influence the type of brain cell they will form.
AUG 30Neuroradiologists Drs. Daniel Chow and Peter Chang tell the Daily Pilot about their work harnessing artificial intelligence tools to improve disease detection and prevention.
AUG 07World-renowned vision scientist Krzysztof Palczewski joins UCI School of Medicine to study age-related retinal diseases.
MAY 31UCI researchers uncover human breast epithelial cells that could lead to improved early detection of breast cancer.
JUL 30UCI radiologists report in the American Journal of Radiology the development of AI imaging to accurately analyze genetic mutations in brain tumors.
JUL 30UCI awarded $9M grant to determine the long-term effects of cannabis on adolescents and study the impact of cannabis across the lifespan.
JUL 24Disrupting daily eating cycles can increase the risk of disease, UCI researcher Paolo Sassone-Corsi, PhD, tells the New York Times.
JUL 24UCI Health is selected as a site for the NeuroNEXT Network for Excellence in Neuroscience Clinical Trials.
JUL 17UCI-led study finds therapy dogs are effective in reducing symptoms of ADHD.
JUL 11Noted cancer researcher Dr. Allen Chen joins UCI School of Medicine as chair of the Department of Radiation Oncology.
JUN 25Suzanne Sandmeyer, PhD, vice dean for research at the UCI School of Medicine, is named to the governing board of the state stem cell agency.
JUN 22UCI researcher Magdalene J. Seiler receives CIRM funding for stem cell-based retina therapy to treat blindness.
MAY 31UCI researchers uncover human breast epithelial cells that could lead to improved early detection of breast cancer.
MAY 23UCI study shows in-home therapy is effective for stroke rehabilitation.
MAY 21Ancient sequence motif leads UCI researchers to discover novel mode of neurotransmitter-based communication.
MAY 11UCI School of Medicine researcher Rongsheng Jin, PhD, identifies how the Clostridium difficile toxin causes deadly gastrointestinal infections.
MAY 02Todd C. Holmes, PhD, professor of Physiology and Biophysics, receives $2.1-million NIH grant, UCI's first ever Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award (MIRA).
MAY 01UC Irvine calls for volunteers as NIH’s landmark $1.5-billion precision medicine research effort, All of Us, launches nationwide.
APR 24Dr. Dan Cooper, UCI pediatrics professor and founder of the Pediatric Exercise and Genomics Research Center, tells CNN about the importance childhood exercise.
APR 23Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, associate professor of psychiatry and director of UCI's Medical Ethics Program, discusses the bioethics of infant DNA sequencing on KPCC's AirTalk.
APR 20UCI researchers report in PLOS ONE that they have identified blood biomarkers which may allow more timely diagnosis and treatment of mild traumatic brain injuries.
APR 20UCI's Dr. Namita Goyal and patient Lisa Wittenberg talk with the L.A. Times about a Phase 3 stem-cell trial that is giving hope to people with Lou Gehrig's disease.
APR 11Neuroscientist Dr. Daniele Piomelli, co-director of UCI’s Center for the Study of Cannabis, says a new study offers important confirmation that THC accumulates in breast milk.
APR 05UCI neuroscientist Daniele Piomelli talks about his inventions and research with UCI Applied Innovations online magazine, Tech Currents.
APR 04UCI researchers studying ways to slow the progression of ALS tell ABC7 how the stem-cell based experimental treatment works.
APR 02UC Irvine psychiatrist Dr. Ruth Benca, an expert on sleep and brain health, tells conference at least 15 percent of dementia is directly related to sleep disturbance and sleep problems.
MAR 28UC Irvine neuroscientist Tallie Z. Baram to receive prestigious Cotzias award from the American Academy of Neurology.
MAR 21UC Irvine Associate Professor Xiangmin Xu, PhD, shares prestigious NIH Brain Initiative award with UC San Diego professor.
FEB 20Drinking a few glasses of wine or beer daily and carrying a few extra pounds may be keys to longevity, UC Irvine neurologist Dr. Claudia Kawas says.
FEB 19UC Irvine neurologist Dr. Claudia Kawas says amyloid proteins linked to Alzheimer's have been found in people who nonetheless retain full cognitive functions late in life.
FEB 12Opioid abuse has dropped in states that have legalized marijuana, researchers say at a conference held by UC Irvine's new Center for the Study of Cannabis.
JAN 26Professor Daniele Piomelli, PhD, PharmD, offers California legislators an overview of the health effects of using cannabis and cannabis-derived products.
JAN 22A Department of Plastic Surgery researcher joins forces with UC Irvine biomedical engineers to help prevent diabetic foot ulcers.


DEC 21UC Irvine anatomy and neurobiology professor Daniele Piomelli advocates ending a federal block on marijuana research to understand its real benefits and risks.
DEC 08UC Irvine's Center for Epigenetics and Metabolism hosts Epigenetics Day, featuring nationally regarded epigenetics scientists discussing their latest research.
DEC UC Irvine School of Medicine faculty members Emiliana Borrelli, PhD, and Rozanne M. Sandri-Goldin, PhD, named Chancellor's Professors.
NOV 29UC Irvine epidemiologist Christine McLaren, PhD, is awarded the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who's Who.
NOV 16UC Irvine molecular and cellular neurobiologist Emiliana Borrelli, PhD, received the prestigious 2017 Camillo Golgi Medal at the University of Brescia in Italy.
NOV 16Amid concerns about CRISPR gene-editing tools, UC Irvine vector biologist Anthony James says his lab equips test mosquitos with self-limiting gene drives.
NOV 06Robot-assisted colorectal surgery produces results on par with traditional methods, but it takes longer and costs more, a UC Irvine professor of surgery reports.
NOV 02Research led by UC Irvine nephrologist Dr. Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh suggests that high-protein diets may cause long-term damage to kidney function.
OCT 23UC Irvine neurobiologists receive $3.8 million from the National Institute on Aging to identify biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease.
OCT 17UC Irvine molecular biologist Emiliana Borrelli, PhD, is named a Knight of France's National Order of the Légion d’Honneur.
SEP 13UC Irvine researchers lead $8-million, National Science Foundation-funded project to develop a brain-computer interface to help spinal cord injury patients walk again.
AUG 23Suzanne Sandmeyer, PhD, is named the UC Irvine School of Medicine's senior associate dean for research.
AUG 15Excess amounts during pregnancy of an amino acid in meat, cheese and beans may alter prenatal brain development related to schizophrenia, UC Irvine researchers have found.
AUG 10A UC Irvine-led study shows that a low-calorie diet helps keep energy-regulating processes humming and the body younger.
JUL 09UC Irvine Alzheimer's expert Dr. Claudia Kawas tells "60 Minutes" that a clinical trial in Colombia may offer hope for intervention before the disease strikes.
MAY 18UC Irvine neurologist Dr. Claudia Kawas says drugs developed for dementia may help a bit, but results vary from patient to patient.
MAY 08UC Irvine molecular biologist Anthony James to lead a $2-million initiative to combat malaria in Africa.
APR 19The American Academy of Neurology has awarded Dr. Claudia Kawas its $100,000 Potamkin Prize for dementia research.
MAR 14UC Irvine School of Medicine is again ranked among the top 50 U.S. medical schools for research by U.S. News & World Report.
MAR 07UC Irvine researchers led by dermatologist Dr. Anand K. Ganesan have identified a key mutation that allows melanoma cells to hide from the body's immune system.
FEB 28How to respond to soaring rates of colorectal cancer in young adults is a challenge for health providers, UC Irvine oncologist Dr. Jason Zell tells the New York Times.
FEB 24Dr. Susan O'Brien discusses frontline treatment options for patients with newly diagnosed chronic lymphocytic leukemia in a video for Cancer Network.
FEB 08Scary movies help UC Irvine researchers led by Dr. Jack Lin identify key brain circuits for processing fear.
FEB 06Cosmic radiation could cause cognitive problems for space travelers, UC Irvine's Charles Limoli, PhD, tells U.S. News & World Report.
JAN 17Developing high blood pressure late in life may actually help protect against dementia, according to a new study by UC Irvine neurology professor Maria Carrada-Bravo, PhD.


DEC 13The UC Irvine Health Pediatric Exercise & Genomics Research Center receives major NIH grant to understand how exercise affects the body, one gene at a time.
DEC 01UC Irvine movement disorders expert Dr. Neal Hermanowicz says a new study showing a link between gut bacteria and Parkinson's disease could lead to therapeutic interventions.
NOV 27Renowned Alzheimer's researcher Dr. Claudia Kawas tells "60 Minutes" about the difficulty in finding a treatment despite hundreds of millions of dollars in research efforts.
NOV 16Philanthropists Gavin and Ninetta Herbert pledge a $5-million estate gift to spur retina research at the UC Irvine Health Gavin Herbert Eye Institute.
NOV 15UC Irvine health policy researchers awarded $1.2 million to develop more effective ways for prostate cancer patients and their physicians to customize treatment.
NOV 07UC Irvine-MIT team forge new approach against Salmonella and other pathogens, an immunization strategy could prevent gastrointestinal disease.
NOV 03UC Irvine microbiologist Manuela Raffatellu and colleagues show that proteins produced by beneficial gut microbes can block inflammation-causing salmonella and E. coli.
OCT 28Researchers with the UC Irvine Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine report that regular electroacupuncture reduces hypertension by activating natural opioids.
OCT 13UC Irvine epidemiologist Hoda Anton-Culver, PhD, co-leads an ambitious statewide precision medicine effort.
OCT 10Study led by Dr. Charles Limoli raises questions about long-term brain health after extended spaceflights.
AUG 25Announcing the 2017 A.P. Giannini Fellowship deadline — Nov.1, 2016
JULY 06UC Irvine study led by Emiliana Borrelli discovers key cellular mechanism underlying antipsychotic-induced parkinsonism, which includes involuntary movements, tremors and other severe physical conditions.
JUNE 13UC Irvine study co-led by Rongsheng Jin, professor of physiology & biophysics, reveals mechanism by which Botox toxin uses glycan modifications in surface receptors to invade motor neurons.
APR 07UC Irvine study led by radiation oncology professor Charles Limoli, finds safer stem cell-derived therapy for recovery from brain radiation.
APR 01A diabetic's risk for heart disease drops 62 percent when blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol are controlled, a UC Irvine report shows.
MAR 28Team led by infectious diseases researcher Philip Felgner receives $8 million to help develop Q fever vaccine.
FEB 16UC Irvine Health neurologist Dr. An Do leads research that enables a paraplegic man to take historic steps.
FEB 05UC Irvine's Anthony James, PhD, is creating mutant mosquitoes in hopes of fighting malaria and the Zika virus.
FEB 01Radioactive bone cement patent is award to radiation oncology professor Varun Sehgal, PhD, and fellow researchers.
JAN 08People wouldn’t mind being 100 if they could walk and talk and think, says UC Irvine geriatric neurologist, Claudia Kawas.
JUN 23When it comes to brain health, learning plus exercise is better than either alone, says neuroscientist Carl W. Cotman, PhD.
APR 03The Optical Society honors UC Irvine professor of surgery and biomedical engineering Bruce Tromberg, PhD, with its Michael S. Feld Biophotonics Award.
APR 01UC Irvine neurologist Mark Fisher and colleagues identify presence of a heart pouch that may explain strokes of unknown origin.


DEC 02UC Irvine’s Daniele Piomelli led a study that helps healthy cell processes that can block tumor growth.
NOV 30To help find Alzheimer’s biomarkers in people with Down syndrome, National Institute on Aging grants $4.7 million to Dr. Ira Lott’s research team.
NOV 23University of California scientists create malaria-blocking mosquitoes that may help eradicate disease that sickens millions annually.
NOV 23Biological chemistry professor Robert Moyzis named fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
OCT 26UC Irvine study led by professor Daniele Piomelli uncovers role of oxytocin in triggering marijuana-like neurotransmitters.
SEP 14Dr. Naoto Hoshi, associate professor of pharmacology and physiology & biophysics, and colleagues discovered that valproic acid preserved the M-current during seizures.
SEP 08Dr. Howard Federoff, UC Irvine Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences, plans clinical studies to follow his landmark discovery of a blood test to detect Alzheimer's disease.
AUG 26UC Irvine's Institute for Clinical & Transitional Science gets $19-million grant to speed up practical use of scientific discoveries.
AUG 12UC Irvine’s Dr. Henry Klassen leads first clinical trial of stem cell-based retinitis pigmentosa treatment.
AUG 04UC Irvine research led by Dr. Susan Huang prompts CDC call for coordinated efforts by the nation's healthcare centers to stop the spread of drug-resistant infections.
JUL 15UC Irvine infectious disease expert Dr. Alan Barbour tells NBC News that climate change and other factors have led to the spread of Lyme disease.
JUN 23Dr. Steven Potkin, UC Irvine professor of psychiatry & human behavior, leads Huntington’s disease study.
JUN 15UC Irvine researcher finds biological link between chronic pain and mental illness.
MAY 01A study conducted by radiation oncology professor Charles Limoli finds that long-term exposure to galactic cosmic rays leads to dementia-like cognitive impairments.
APR 30Federal program supports UC Irvine effort to combat antimicrobial-resistant pathogens with grant up to $5 million.
APR 16UC Irvine’s Institute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders receives a five-year, $11 million grant from the National Institute on Aging.
APR 13Dr. William Bunney, Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry & Human Behavior awarded prestigious Payne Whitney Award for Extraordinary Public Service.
APR 07UC Irvine geriatric neurologist, Claudia Kawas, shares an overview of aging and dementia risk on the Medical Daily website.
APR 06A study led by UC Irvine’s Ralph J. Delfino, MD, PhD, examines the effect of chronic exposure in asthmatic children living near traffic pollution.
MAR 26UC Irvine's Leslie Thompson, PhD, is awarded $5 million to continue efforts to create stem cell treatments for Huntington’s disease.
MAR 17With $9 million in NASA funding, UC Irvine professor of radiation oncology, Charles Limoli, will lead a national effort to study underlying mechanisms of ‘space brain.'
FEB 26In the March issue of Discover, UC Irvine's Frank LaFerla says finding a treatment for Alzheimer's disease is like "trying to put out a raging fire with a bucket of water."
FEB 17Radiation oncology professor Charles Limoli explains how human neural stem cell treatments may reverse learning and memory deficits after chemotherapy.
FEB 11UC Irvine and Italian scientists limit accelerated cellular aging caused by methamphetamine use.
JAN 15UC Irvine anatomy and neurobiology professor, David Reinkensmeyer, discusses the technology behind a device designed for stroke patients called the music glove.
JAN 07Adding anti-oxidants to one's diet may not prolong life span, a UC Irvine study finds.
JAN 06Body-clock rhythms play a key role in the metabolism and division of cells, UC Irvine researchers find in a study published in Cell Reports.


DEC 09UC Irvine study suggests multiple, short learning sessions could aid children with autism-related condition.
DEC 02Oswald Stewart, UC Irvine School of Medicine's senior associate dean for research, is moderating the Neurosciences 2014 conference in Washington, D.C.
NOV 20UC Irvine, Italian researchers create first inhibitor for an enzyme linked to melanoma, lung and prostate cancers.
NOV 12UC Irvine School of Medicine epidemiology and hematology researchers receive NIH award to study hemochromatosis.
OCT 27UC Irvine scientists find psoriasis healing mechanism; study points toward new ways to help control the skin condition.
OCT 23UC Irvine, UCLA awarded $8 million to launch collaborative stem cell clinic.
OCT 09UC Irvine psychiatric researcher Theo van Erp is involved in global brain data analysis effort funded by NIH.
OCT 08UC Irvine professor Leslie M. Thompson partners with researchers in $8-million effort to create library of brain cell activity.
SEP 30UC Irvine researchers led by neurologist Dr. Michael Demetriou uncover a mechanism underlying the creation and release of disease-fighting T cells into the bloodstream.
SEP 30UC Irvine neurobiologist Ivan Soltesz to receive research support from President Obama’s BRAIN Initiative
SEP 18Dr. Aimee Pierce, medical director of UCI MIND Memory Assessment Clinic, leads groundbreaking study, A4, which focuses on a protein present in the brain of those with Alzheimer’s disease.
SEP 10New findings that brain inflammation affects memory may shed light on why chemotherapy can impair brain tumor patients' memory, says neuro-oncologist Dr. Daniela Bota.
JUL 31UC Irvine study offers new leads for liver disease treatments.
JUL 29UC Irvine's Leslie Thompson, PhD, has been awarded $505,717 to continue her effort to create stem cell treatments for Huntington’s disease.
JUL 23Reeve-Irvine researchers identify a novel combination treatment to restore voluntary motor function impaired by spinal cord injury.
JUL 21UC Irvine researchers find epigenetic tie to neuropsychiatric disorders.
JUL 09Radiology academy names Sabee Malloi a "Distinguished Investigator" for his advances in imaging research.
JUN 24Novel biomarker predicts febrile seizure-related epilepsy, UC Irvine study finds; diagnostic technique could greatly enhance use of preventive therapies.
JUN 20UC Irvine researchers learn how botulism-causing toxin enters the bloodstream.
JUN 16UC Irvine Health receives $3.4-million NIH grant to study kidney disease and track treatment methods.
MAY 27UC Irvine researchers identify new functional roles on cell surfaces for estrogen; study detects hormone receptor's key role in normal organ development and function.
APR 16Dr. Kim Green and colleagues discover an oral drug that can modulate inflammation in brain diseases.
FEB 02CIRM funds over $66 million for new California Stem Cell Genomics Center of Excellence
JAN 30UC Irvine stem cell researchers are awarded $1.54 million in state funding; CIRM grants will advance basic studies to improve cancer and brain disease treatments.


DEC 02New computer application "InterestApp" helps UC Irvine faculty identify local SOM experts.
OCT 31Dr. James Fallon talks to The Verge about his definition of a psychopath based on his recent research findings.
OCT 29Dr. Sassone-Corsi, director of UC Irvine's Center for Epigentics and Metabolism, talks about how altering our circadian rhythms might lead to a number of disorders.
JUL 17Dr. Manuela Raffatellu and UC Irvine colleagues have learned how a probiotic bacterium can soothe gut irritations and infections like salmonella.
JUL UC Irvine receives five-year Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Center of Excellence designation.
JUL 16UC Irvine's Medical Center continues to be listed among "America's Best Hospitals".
JUN 18UC graduate students are beginning to offer input and submit recommendations on various policies at the request of California lawmakers.
MAR Mark Bourbonnais, the new Director of Research Support Services, joins UC Irvine's School of Medicine.
MAR 21Government sequestration enacted in March will lead to cuts in NIH funding for medical and scientific funding.
FEB 12UC Irvine's Gavin Herbert Eye Institute receives $3 million.
FEB 07Orthopaedic surgery chair Dr. Ranjan Gupta receives prestigious American-British-Canadian Traveling Fellowship Award for 2013.
FEB 04Dr. Daniele Piomelli receives Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Grant for his work related to Fragile X syndrome.
FEB 03UC Irvine graduate student Jennifer Muz and Dr. David Neumark develop, a website that assesses California's economic status compared to other states.
JAN 29UC Irvine's Drs. Maxime Cannesson and Shermeen Vakharia are awarded UC health fellowships.
JAN 03UC Irvine 90+ study lead by Dr. Robert Moyzis found a derivative of a dopamine-receptor gene (called the DRD4 7R) to be associated with living a longer and healthier life.
JAN 03Dr. Laura Mosqueda, director of the Center of Excellence on Elder Abuse & Neglect at UC Irvine, partners with the Institute on Aging to develop an elder abuse app to assist law enforcement agencies and emergency personnel.


OCT 17UC Irvine infectious disease specialist Dr. Susan Huang identifies the best strategy for curbing MSRA in ICU patients.
OCT 15Researchers at NYU's Center for Neural Science and UC Irvine's Center for Neurobiology of Learning and Memory find new insights into the molecular architecture of memory formation.
SEP 06State stem cell research funding agency awards $37.3 million to aid UC Irvine efforts to treat Alzheimer's disease and retinitis pigmentosa.
JUL 30UC Irvine researchers Aileen Anderson and Brian Cummings share in $20-million grant to test human neural stem cells in patients with spinal cord injuries.
JUN 15UC Irvine radiologist and another researcher share a $6.8 million grant to assess whether mammography can reveal heart disease risk.
MAY  25UC Irvine researcher Thomas Lane receives $4.8 million grant to develop a potential treatment for multiple sclerosis using stem cells.
MAY 25UC Irvine's William E. Bunney, MD, receives CINP's prestigious Pioneer Award during the biennial meeting of the international society.
MAR 05Pioneering hematologist Dr. Edward Shanbrom dies; in 2007, UC Irvine dedicated Edward Shanbrom, M.D. Hall in recognition of his work.
FEB 21Husband-and-wife researchers Brian Cummings and Aileen Anderson are running five UC Irvine research programs and leading 17 researchers, all funded by $2.2 million in grants.
JAN 05UC Irvine has earned its second LEED Platinum award for Sue & Bill Gross Hall, an $80-million building that houses a stem cell research center.


DEC 02Congratulations to William E. Bunney, MD, recipient of the 2011 Rhoda and Bernard Sarnat International Prize in Mental Health Award from the Institute of Medicine.
OCT 20ICTS announces a $50,000 translational collaborative discovery grant; the deadline is Nov. 7
SEP 30A glucosamine-like dietary supplement suppresses the damaging autoimmune response seen in multiple sclerosis, according to a UC Irvine study
AUG 26ICTS announces a new call for the Pilot Project Awards Program, which will confer four-to-six awards in the amount of $25,000 to $45,000.
AUG 11Winners of the first Clinical, Basic and Translational Science Festival have been announced by Dr. Paolo Casali, senior associate dean of research and graduate studies
AUG 02NIH funds UC Irvine study of children's asthma and climate change; researchers, including Dr. Ralph Delfino, are awarded more than $400,000 for project.
MAY 15UC Irvine's Dr. Susan Huang receives part of a $2-million CDC grant to help prevent and treat microbial infections caused by MRSA and other pathogens.